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Records of the day! Loads of new jams on the floor! Lewis lRecord of the day! Minako Yoshida - monsters in town! Japanese killer disco! TOWN!  On the wall! #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #japanesefunk #disco #townLaroj in the house CashinRecord of the day! Tatsuro yamashita - for you lp! Japanese funk killer! In the process of Pricing it and listening to it SOLD!Records of the day!! Fatima and the Mamluks - yalla yalla lp! African gems comp, Eddie c on lumberjacks! Geto boys first lp, inhalt - simulacra 12, Levon Vincent solemn days, inkswel on wolf , rug dug - head cleaner 12, theo Parrish falling up double pack, Alessandro Parisi - flight recorder 12", Leon vynehall butterflies 12 on royal oak!  And tonS more!!!! Stacked with killers! #clintonstreetrecords #recordofday #12s #fatima #inhalt #yalla #tgifRecords of the day! Music from Memory Lps! Joan Bibiloni, Gigi Masin, Leon Lowman. Andre Solomko lp, Amadou Balake lp, Andre - embassy cafe, Dieuf-Dieul de  Thies lp, royal band de thurs,  guelewar, karantamba lp, idrissa diop lp!!! So much good stuff,  get it before it disappears!  #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #africanlps #andresfox #mfm #redlightrecords #gigimasin #joanbibiloni #leonloman #everydaysunshine


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