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Record of the night! Faust - Tapes lp! Original pressing. Clean. On the wall. Sale day is going strong ! Thank you everyone. #clintonstreetrecords #recordofthenight #faust #tapesRecords of the day! Just in PPU insanity!!!! Michael soward 45, beautiful swimmers open shadow 45, solicitors Joyce 45, roller soul roller8 - love programme 45, tahari - situations cassette, dazzle 12, uku & Maryn 12, benedek test pressing 12, beautiful swimmers testpressing 12, george Smallwood - you know I love you 12, ultimate choice 12, things will be better in future time comp!!!!!, Tom noble edits Africa bump 12, Robbie m friend lp, Xman - fired up 12, psychic mirrors Charlene 12! And tons more just in! We are stocked!!!!!!!!!!! #clintonstreetrecords #recordsoftheday #ppu #smallwood #swimmersRecords of the day!!! Casco - Cybernetic Love, kroma - sexy films, m & g - when I let you down, Ziad rahbani 12, mr flagio - take a chance, Amin peck - suicidal, roedelius - durch die wuste, eric b & rakim - paid in full, in camera lp, lxxxiv lp, ambar - love maniac, scratch acid lp, and tons more!!!! All my stuff from Detroit is in!  So many killer jams in the shop! We also have handmade gift certificates made by my nephews! For last minute gift! #clintonstreetrecords #recordsoftheday #toomanyhashtags #comeondown!Video Pizza of the day! ItAgain!


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