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Records of the day! Tons of new stuff 12s and soundtracks! Romanthony - Trust MCDE remixes, Laurent Garnier - a13, Boogie Nite - BoogieRecords of the day! Little italo records! Brand image - are you loving?, K.i.d. - donItalo legend of the day! Alexander Robotnick! Here at Clinton Street Record and Stereo! Holding a recently signed promo of problems dRecord of the day! Phillip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts 1 & 2. Og uk 1974 #modernclassical #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #phil #4thalbum #sogoodRecord of the day! The Orb - U.F.orb OG uk pressing. Super clean. 1992. #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #thomas #blueroom #theorbRecord of the day! Spike - orange cloud nine! Golf channel. Comp of material from 1980 - 1984. #recordoftheday #clintonstreetrecords #golfchannel #fridayjams #magictable


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