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Just in!Record of the day!!!! Gloria Ann Taylor - Deep Inside You!  Love is a hurting thing. ThatRecords of the day!!!!!!!!! Witch is in the housssssse! Witch - Kuomboka and Witch - movin on invisible cities!! Sounds sooooo good! Zambian masterpieces! #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #witch #africanlps #invisiblecities #yes! #lps #records #tgifIn the the store today!!! Boogie Nite and Kieran of Four Tet digging in the shop!Records for the day!!! Surf nazis must die soundtrack! Troma! Chopping mall soundtrack on waxworks! New Eddie pendergrass, xl middleton 45! And bonus nice clean copies of kluster and hawkwind!!! #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #horrorsoundtrack #lps #greatdayRecords of the day! Heldon - Allez-Teia original on Urus records and Witchboard soundtrack from 1986 on 45. Super limited horror! #ouija #horror45 #ost #thursday #clintonstreetrecords #recordoftheday #fresh


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